AgNovos Healthcare is developing novel treatments for osteoporosis, a devastating bone disease affecting more than 200 million women worldwide.

With osteoporosis, the normal bone remodeling process is unbalanced. This imbalance leads to lower bone mass and poorer bone quality, causing a reduction in bone strength and increased risk of fracture. When patients suffer a fracture, many experience a cascade of consequences that includes loss of mobility and independence, depression and increased mortality.1

AgNovos' pioneering approach to treating patients with osteoporosis is based on intellectual property that directly informed by our founder's extensive clinical experience. The Company is working to show that our treatment increases bone strength in individuals with osteoporosis. AgNovos is currently working with global regulatory agencies to secure approval for this adjunctive, investigational treatment.

1 Kanis JA (2007) WHO Technical Report, University of Sheffield UK: 66

The team

AgNovos is a high-energy, employee-centric company comprised of highly-educated and experienced colleagues who share a deep commitment​​​ to the company mission of helping patients maintain their mobility, independence, and quality of life.

Careers at AgNovos

We are seeking candidates for a number of positions. Qualified applicants are encouraged to visit our Careers section or LinkedIn page for more information. If you do not see a job description that matches your skills and experience, please submit your cover letter and resume so that we can keep your information on file with the appropriate department. Click here to email your cover letter and resume details.

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The AgNovos Way

AgNovos is wholly committed to act in a way that is consistent with our core values and our personal commitment to helping patients and physicians confronting bone disease.  We will continually reach for new discoveries, technologies, and programs that improve bone health and education so that we can help families, communities, and the world move forward with more confidence.

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AgNovos Research Interests

AgNovos recognizes that as we work with our partners in healthcare to change the world for millions of individuals who suffer from bone disease, more patients will always need help. AgNovos’ first investigational treatment targets individuals with osteoporosis. We are always interested in better understanding the science that underpins bone disease and our treatment.

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Our Name

The name AgNovos is derived from a combination of two Latin words that translate roughly as:  to recognize, to understand, and to innovate.

Our founder

Dr. James Howe founded AgNovos Healthcare after a 34-year career as an orthopedic surgeon during which he witnessed the personal, societal, and economic costs of
bone diseases such
as osteoporosis.

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