There are many bone diseases affecting individuals. One of the most prevalent and debilitating is osteoporosis, the focus of our initial efforts.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is characterized by bone loss which results in the weakening of bones. Bones are living tissue that are gradually absorbed and rebuilt over time.  When this remodeling process is unbalanced, it can lead to reduced bone mass and decreased bone strength.  Osteoporosis is a silent disease; many women and men are not aware that they have it until they suffer a fracture. These fractures are common:  approximately one in three women over age 50 will break a bone because of osteoporosis.1

The disease is prevalent in women of all races, especially those with low body weight and/or a family history of related bone diseases. While women make up 80% of osteoporosis cases, men are also at risk of developing osteoporosis.  The risk is elevated if they smoke, drink, have a family history of the disease, or have a condition necessitating treatment with certain medications. A man age 50 or older is as likely to break a bone due to osteoporosis as he is to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.1

If you are concerned about your risk of developing osteoporosis, talk with your doctor to arrange a test. The most common test for this disease is dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, or DXA (pronounced “Dexa”). This special X-ray is fast, painless, and uses low levels of radiation to measure bone density.  The amount of radiation exposure is about one-tenth of that of a chest X-ray.2 In addition, you can also assess your risk for suffering an osteoporotic fracture by using a simple online calculator, FRAX.  These results should be discussed with your doctor.

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Our Approach

AgNovos Healthcare is transforming the treatment landscape for bone diseases such as osteoporosis.  The Company has received a CE-mark for its first treatment, OSSURETM LOEP® [Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure]. OSSURE LOEP helps physicians increase the strength of specific bones in individuals who have osteoporosis. The medical device used in the treatment has received a CE-mark; the Company is actively working with regulatory agencies around the world to secure approval in other jurisdictions like the United States where the device is still investigational.

To manage its product development programs AgNovos employs a specific approach that is reflected in the name of The Company and is consistent with our external, customer-centric philosophy to doing business. AgNovos is derived from a combination of two Latin words that translate roughly as:  to recognize, to understand, and to innovate. 

Recognize: While we are relentless in the pursuit of our singular vision, we are never myopic. We are context-wise. We are humble enough to realize that we operate in a multi-stakeholder system. Our understanding of our environment enables us to recognize the assets and resources that can be pooled with our own to accomplish our mission. We recognize that before we take action we must have crystal clarity of objective, definition of success, and connection to our mission.

Understand: We strive to move beyond casual awareness to achieve deep understanding of diseases, patient journeys, and stakeholders. We identify key issues, mechanisms, insights, and available resources while seeking to address fundamental and complex questions. We carefully consider the impact of positive and negative externalities of our actions. We require this discipline of ourselves because the complexity of the bone health crisis and the needs of our patients demand it.

Innovate: Our team is comprised of professionals with careers defined by experience and accomplishment. We share a belief that we must be able to move beyond the models and constructs that have enabled our past success. Our past experiences will inform us; they will never constrain us. We will seek new approaches to thinking, collaborating, decision-making, and executing. In seeking inspiration, we will reach beyond the boundaries of the healthcare industry to uncover new opportunities to transform patient care.

To learn more about osteoporosis, talk with your doctor and visit the websites on the upper right side of this page.

Our founder

Dr. James Howe founded AgNovos Healthcare after a 34-year career as an orthopedic surgeon during which he witnessed the personal, societal, and economic costs of
bone diseases such
as osteoporosis.

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