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AgNovos Healthcare to Sponsor Symposium at DKOU 2017

During DKOU (German Congress of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery) AgNovos will sponsor a symposium introducing OSSURE LOEP, a promising new minimally-invasive treatment to address osteoporotic bone loss in the proximal femur.

Presentation of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Proximal Femurs of Participants in the COPLEY Clinical Study

During the ASBMR (American Society for Bone Mineral Research) Annual Meeting in Colorado, US, Dr. Tony Keaveny, will deliver a lecture on the FEA of QCT scans of osteoporotic proximal femurs of participants in the COPLEY clinical study.

STRONG Clinical Study Commences Enrollment

Today, the STRONG clinical study began enrolling patients.

Prof Klaus Engelke Presents QCT Methodology During the 21st International Bone Densitometry Workshop (IBDW) and 7th European Symposium on Ultrasonic Characterization of Bone (ESUCB)

Prof Klaus Engelke will present data from AgNovos’ Copley study at the 21st annual IBDW in Banz (Germany).

AgNovos Healthcare to Present the Results of a Pre-clinical Study evaluating OSSURE in canines with a critical-size defect and treated with and without alendronate

During the 44th European Calcified Tissue Society congress in Salzburg, AgNovos will present a poster with the results of a preclinical study performed to evaluate the biological response to implantation of OSSURE in critical-sized defects and whether those responses were impacted by alendronate therapy.

Dr. James Howe to Present Proof-of-Concept Clinical Study at the World Congress on Osteoporosis 2017

On March 26th, Dr. James Howe, will present key data from the COPLEY proof-of-concept clinical study of OSSURE LOEP.