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AgNovos Healthcare receives ethics committee approvals for the RESTORE study in Netherlands and Austria

The study titled Randomized Controlled Study of a Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure (LOEP) to Prevent Secondary Hip Fractures in Osteoporotic Women Undergoing Treatment of Index Hip Fractures (RESTORE) is a randomized, controlled, prospective, single blinded, multi-national study. The study is designed the impact that AGN1 LOEP has on the incidence of secondary hip fractures in subjects presenting with a first hip fracture.

Submissions in other sites are also underway.

The Company’s first product, the OSSURE LOEP (Local Osteo-enhancement Procedure) kit is CE-marked to treat local bone loss. The kit contains all of the instruments and ingredients necessary to prepare the proprietary, calcium-based, osteoconductive and tri-phasic implant material for injection into osteoporotic femurs using a minimally-invasive technique.