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AgNovos Healthcare will Participate in the Osteologie Kongress in Frankfurt from March 28th - 30th, 2019 presenting scientific lectures

AgNovos Healthcare will participate in the Osteologie Kongress in Frankfurt from March 28th - 30th where we will exhibit the OSSURETM LOEP kit.

On 28th, authors will present the following scientific lectures on the topic of OSSURETM LOEP from 13.30 – 15.00 in Room Meridian:

  • QCT Analysis Demonstrates Trabecular Density Increases in Osteoporotic Women Treated with a Triphasic Calcium-Based Implant Material Using a Minimally Invasive Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Engelke
  • Injection of a Triphasic Calcium-Based Implant into Cadaveric Proximal Femurs Provides Immediate Biomechanical Improvement, Dr. Jonathan Shaul
  • Local Osteo-Enhancement Procedure with a Triphasic Calcium Based Implant Increases FEA-Estimated Proximal Femur Strength in Osteoporotic Women at 5-7 Years, Dr. John Stroncek

And from 17.30 – 19.00 in room Plateau:

  • Impact of Alendronate on Biomaterial Resorption, Bone Formation, and Strength in Humoral Critical-Sized Defects in Dogs, Dr. Ron Hill

On 28th of March from 15.30 – 17.00 AgNovos will organize a Symposium in room Plateau:

Defining a New Treatment Option for Local Osteoporotic Bone Loss

  • Introduction and Welcome
    Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kurth (chair)
  • Unmet Needs in Osteoporosis Care
    Dr. med. Ulla Stumpf
  • Introduction to Local Osteo-Enhancement
    Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kurth
    • Introduction to procedural technique
    • Clinical summary (COPLEY, STRONG)
    • Pre-clinical summary
  • Clinical Experience in Standalone Cases in Belgium
    Dr. med. Jo De Schepper
  • Defining the LOEP Care Pathway for Concurrent Cases
    Dr. med. Carl Neuerburg
  • Questions and Discussion