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A targeted approach to address local bone loss by forming new bone


  • Minimally-invasive new procedure to replace the bone lost due to osteoporosis, increasing bone density and strength
  • The treatment involves implanting OSSURE, a unique implant material that is resorbed and replaced by bone
  • All necessary components to perform OSSURE™ LOEP are single-use, sterile and packaged in ready to use box.

How can OSSURE™ LOEP help patients?

  • Immediately increases strength of treated bone
  • Treatment leads to rapid formation of new bone
  • Shown in clinical research to substantially increase bone density and strength for at least seven years

Human Cadaver Matched-Pair Femur Biomechanical Testing

Note: *Paired T-test compared matched-pair cadaver femurs with p <0.05 considered significant. Shaul et al., ORS 2017.

Histology Slide from Pre-Clinical Study

Observation of multinucleated / osteoclast cells and bone formation at 13 weeks. Hill et al., ECTS 2017.

Proof-of-Concept Clinical Study (USA)

Source: Howe et al., World Congress on Osteoporosis 2017.

This information is intended for healthcare professionals.