Study showing treatment of osteoporotic vertebrae with LOEP enhances biomechanical properties is published in Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 2020

The purpose of the study was to determine the biomechanical impact of treating intact osteoporotic vertebrae with a local osteo-enhancement procedure (LOEP)that includes injecting a proprietary tri-phasic, resorbable implant material (AGN1).

In the study, twenty-one intact cadaver vertebrae were sorted into three groups:  treatment, sham, and control. The treatment group received AGN1 LOEP including a saline lavage, the sham group underwent LOEP without AGN1 injection and the control group was not operated upon. All vertebrae were then subjected to axial compression loading.

The study showed that AGN1 LOEP treatment led to an increase in strength with no change to stiffness. Failure load and displacement at failure of treated vertebrae was significantly higher than for the control and sham group.

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