2021 ESCEO-AgNovos Young Investigator Award

It is with great pleasure that AgNovos Healthcare announces the recipients of this year’s ESCEO-AgNovos Young Investigator Award presented at the World Congress on Osteoporosis in August 2021. This award is given annually to early-career investigators in recognition of their contributions to the field of bone and mineral research.

The recipients of the 2021 ESCEO-AgNovos Young Investigator Award are:

Dr. Thiberiu Banica — Belgium
Dr. Nitchanant Kitcharanant — Thailand
Dr. Keisuke Uemura — Japan
Dr. Gaia Tabacco — Italy
Dr. Carrie-Anne Ng — Australia
Dr. Mavil Cervo — Australia
Dr. Caitlin McArthur — Canada
Dr. Francisco José Pereira de Almeida Nazaré — Brazil
Dr. Camille Parsons — UK
Dr. Alessandro de Sire — Italy

Congratulations to all the recipients on this achievement.